Gilbert and Sullivan: The Mikado

Blending an international cast of Broadway singers, comedians and artists from D'Oyly Carte, this collection of Gilbert & Sullivan operettas is the most comprehensive ever put on video. In "The Mikado," which ranks as the most popular Gilbert & Sullivan show, Ko-Ko (a cheap tailor) becomes the Lord High Executioner, while Pooh-Bah is Lord High Everything Else.

Pe Daalemmer en rooie Rinus oudjaarsconcert 2010-2011

Eindelijk staat de registratie van het oudejaarsconcert op dvd. Maar dat niet alleen: uiteraard hebben we het schijfje volgestopt met Extroas! Nederlandstalige ondertitels! Meerdere nieuwsitems en interviews, uitgezonden op TV Noord Gekke beelden van vlak voor en vlak na de voorstelling De splinternieuwe videoclip van Boulimia Rhapsody en de clip van het plaatsnamenlied Even stemmen, gemaakt voor de campagne voor de provinciale statenverkiezingen.

Pink Floyd: Atom Heart Mother 1970

Recorded on Pink Floyd's third American tour, this show introduced San Francisco to some of the newer material from the Ummagumma LPs, and a taste of things soon to come on the Atom Heart Mother LP, to be released later that year. This San Francisco audience is particularly quiet and attentive, a fact that seems to have facilitated a more intimate, unique and focused performance than other dates on this tour.

Dave Gruisin Presents: West Side Story

Jazz pianist Dave Grusin is joined by artists from the worlds of jazz (Bill Evans, Michael Brecker, Lee Ritenour) and Latin music (Gloria Estefan, on Secada) -- as well as one virtuoso trumpeter who embraces both styles, Arturo Sandoval -- for this performance of songs from the famed musical by Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim. Selections include "Maria," "The Jets Song," "Somewhere," "I Feel Pretty," "America," and five others.

The Emperor's New Clothes 1987

In Europe several several centuries ago, a group of prisoners about to be executed are freed as part of the celebration of the upcoming marriage of the emperor's daughter, Princess Gilda, to a very rich prince from another country. Sid Caesar composed the song "Clothes Make the Man". Ran 93 minutes on German TV.

Beats of the Heart: Roots Rock Reggae 1979

'Roots Rock Reggae' depicts an unforgettable moment in Jamaica's history when music defined the island's struggles and immortalised its heroes. Director Jeremy Marre films Bob Marley and the Wailers, and Lee 'Scratch' Perry record in his legendary Black Ark studio with The Upsetters. Jimmy Cliff rehearses with Sly and Robbie, while Inner Circle's historic live gig is recorded on the violent Kingston streets. The legendary Abyssinians harmonise their haunting Rastafarian songs; Joe Higgs (formerly Bob Marley's teacher) plays and talks; majestic toaster U Roy raps alongside The Mighty Diamonds, and Third World record in a Kingston studio. There is also early archive footage of Toots and the Maytals, and Haile Selessie's royal visit to Jamaica while police and thieves battle it out on the streets, and the ghettos erupt in violence. 1977: An extraordinary year for Reggae music...

Samson et Dalila 1981

While the rest of the Hebrews bewail their fate, Samson alone trusts in God's promise of liberty. Abimelech, the Philistine satrap of Gaza, enters to mock the Hebrews' God, proclaiming the superiority of Dagon, and the Hebrews are afraid of him. But calls them to show some defiance, so Abimelech attacks Samson with his sword. Samson seizes the sword and strikes him dead. The Hebrews scatter and the High Priest of Dagon appears, cursing the Hebrews. When a messenger reports that the Hebrews are ravaging the harvest, the High Priest forms a plan to use Delilah to overcome Samson's strength. Delilah's beauty is such that Samson can't resist her for long. She begs to know the secret of his supernatural strength, but he refuses, though he says he loves her. Delilah betrays Samson by having some Philistine soldiers seize him and throw him into a prison in Gaza, where his hair is cut off.

The Moody Blues: Legend of a Band

This unique longform video "LEGEND OF A BAND," chronicles the twenty-five year history of The Moody Blues, proving their long standing reputation for creating some of the most haunting, melodic and rythmic rock classics.

The Kinks: One for the Road 1980

One for the Road is a live concert video by the rock band "The Kinks". It was released in conjunction with a live album of the same name. Many of the bands classic songs are featured, including "You really got me", "Lola" and "Celluloid Heroes"

Avril Lavigne: Live and Exclusive (CBS)

Girlfriend I Can Do Better Sk8er Boi My Happy Ending Losing Grip Runaway Don’t Tell Me Keep Holding On (Album Recording) I’m With You Everything Back But You The Best Damn Thing Complicated I Don’t Have To Try He Wasn’t When You’re Gone

Grateful Dead: Dead Ahead 1981

'Dead Ahead' captures the best of The Grateful Dead's historic week-long marathon of shows in October 1980 at the world famous Radio City Music Hall in New York.

Outliers, Vol. I: Iceland

A small group of filmmakers, photographers and musicians are setting out on a journey to explore the remote countryside of Iceland and document our experiences with the landscape, residents and traditions we encounter.

Sting Live At Irving Plaza

There's a moment just a few songs into Sting's live concert video, Rough, Raw & Unreleased: Live At Irving Plaza, that recalls the effortless power and grace of The Police in their prime.

Ernest Ranglin: Order of Distinction

Legendary jazz and reggae guitarist Ernest Ranglin is honored by an all-star cast of musicians--including friends Phil Chen, Robbie Krieger, and Elliot Easton--as they perform the songs "3 Pope," "Grandfather Clock," "My Boy Lollipop," "Hurts to Be Alone," "Ball of Fire," and many others.